Can the Grace juggernaut be nipped in the bud..?

Recent and unfortunate events coming out from South Africa confirm what we already know. Zimbabwe’s first looter in Chief is convinced that she is the master of all she surveys and thus can abuse an unsuspecting innocent young woman. Reports from the South African media suggest that the Zimbabwean government is in consultation with their South African counter parts about possibly invoking diplomatic immunity to help save the beliguered first lady.
 Grace’s failure to appear in court as promised by the South African police left a sour taste in the mouth to everyone who wanted to see justice served. Grace has to be reminded that she cannot commit such blatant acts without facing the music as normal civilians do. Prominent South Africans have all spoken including the respected and ANC presidential hopeful Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma who rightly pointed that the Zimbabwean first lady needs to have her day in court. It goes without say that August is women’s month added to the fact that South Africa already has alarming levels of women and child abuse. 
The public was misinformed about the arrest of the wife of the seating Zimbabwean President with rumours swirling earlier this week that she had skipped town. A lot can be said about The South African government and their minister of Police Fikile Mbalula who even mentioned about Grace Mugabe handing herself over to the police when in actual fact she didn’t. Grace needs to be brought to book just like they would to any other person as she had travelled to South Africa on a private mission and thus diplomatic immunity should not even be an option for her.
 It remains a question to every other Zimbabwean if Grace is going to dodge this bullet aimed at her once again, remembering her history of violence in Singapore notably the reported hotel incident in 2009 and the Hospital incident in 2017. It seems Geri Neil the famous lawyer who headed Oscar Pretorius trial  is not going to let her of the hook lightly.
For someone of such stature to engage in such belligerent acts, it can only harm the innocent. One would like to believe that they should know the  consequence of their actions and the aftermath thereafter.  Zimbabweans flew to South Africa  in search for better lives because of the policies of her non-agerian husband. They risk backlash from  South Africans who have already vented their frustrations through sporadic xenophobic attacks in recent times. The country is a boiling pot as is and the onus is on the South African authorities to set the record straight.   
How ironic for someone who once said and  I quote “As head of women’s league Zimbabwe, my number one goal is endeavour that no women ever suffers from assault or violence of any kind and those who use violence against women shall face the full power of law” Now is the mother of the nation leading by her words?, is she forgetting what she mentioned or did someone wrote the Speech for her?
By; Happiness Chidarikire
MDC Member (UK Slough Branch)

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