MDC Reading Branch Relaunch


On 13/10/2018 there was a re-launch of the MDC Reading Branch. The occasion was graced by eminent MDC members who included Owen Muganda (Provincial Secretary), Mary Nyandoro (Provincial Women’s Executive), Rueben Waretsa (South West District Vice Organising Secretary), Christopher Nyamukuvhengu (South West District treasurer) and the one and only Happymore “Commander Bvondo” Chidziva the MDC National Youth Chairman.

Mr Chidziva briefed members in attendance on the MDC’s “Thank You” rallies which are happening around the country. He also indicated that the “Thank You” rallies are serving as public consultations on the way forward for the party and those seeking democracy in Zimbabwe. He shed light on how the Zanu regime is concocting fake charges against MDC leadership and members for the events that occurred on the 1st of August 2018. Nonetheless, the mood at the re-launch was that of defiance and there was a consensus that this current Zanu government is illegitimate and only in existence because of coercion at the ZEC and the justice system during the election and the use of force and violence against people who demand democracy and justice.

Mr Chidziva had the grace to answer questions and to talk with each and every one of the members in attendance. The newly elected Reading Branch chairperson Charles Mararirakwenda thanked Mr Chidziva and the members for attending this re-launch of the branch.

The MDC Reading Branch like many branches across the UK will carry on the mantle of democratic change in Zimbabwe through all avenues of activism including fundraising, street protests, raising awareness, lobbying MPs, engaging in community humanity activities, and on social media. The role of the diaspora in social media activism towards justice and democracy was especially emphasised at the meeting and members were encouraged by Mr Chidziva to continue campaigning and dispelling Zanu lies on social media.


Terence Rusirevi
Reading Branch Information and Publicity

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