Zimbabwe Liberation struggle: a market failure

Has all the effort gone in vain? has the liberation struggle been forgotten about. Is this what our fore fathers intended for Zimbabwe? Clearly this is not what was signed for.

The government has failed the nation, the President has failed us. Nothing is making sense right now from the introduction of bond notes to Grace Mugabe’s despicable hunger for power. What will Zimbabwe be ten years later if the same government is in power , if the same president is still in office, if the first lady’s behaviour of insulting and shaming honourable leaders on public platforms is still condoned.

How does one lead and rebuke the nation yet she can not handle her own kids, Chatunga and his brother indisputably take after their mother.

With all this madness the future of Zimbabwe is sadly uncertain, if issues that are affecting the innocent citizens are not dealt with, if corrupt leadership is not scrutinized and penalised, the existence of Zimbabwe might as well be forgotten.

The Mugabe regime has done nothing but break families ,increased the mortality and inflation rate.
“Are we going to sit back and watch them destroy our only home, our country, our heritage? “says Mr J.

Why must the gap between the haves and the havenots be as wide as the gap between Grace Mugabe and an honourable first lady. Is it a curse being Zimbabwean ? well if not then why are we all scattered everywhere just to put a plate of food on the table, why must a Zimbabwean suffer this much , how much longer is a Zimbabwean supposed to soldier on .

The youths need jobs regardless of their political affiliation .An idle mind is a very dangerous one hence the violence and the bloodshed.

Has the white colour that resembles peace on the flag been personalised now by a minority which is only some members of the Zanu Pf party.

Interviews conducted have shown that the nation is fed up, struggling and in panic mode, “dai zvaiita tabuda hedu mu Zimbabwe nekuti patigere hapana,all we have been doing for the past years is suffer, we are more scared than hopeful of the future, Any voice that speaks up is silenced before its even heard! “says an anonymous and frustrated citizen.

How then will our nation be restored when all opposition leads to death or even unfair dismissal.

Our hearts are heavy and bleeding.We need Change actually we demand change.

By M Siyaipu

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